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The robot that we design was a autonomously. It would search an 8' X 8' maze with 4 rooms see Figure below.


The robot then would go through the maze, and find a candle in one of the four rooms in fastest time possible. This robot, Z1380, was in two competitions: Abington and Trinity College.
At Abington Z1380 got the first place in senior division. It extinguished the candle three times while running in single room mode. And it returned home.
At Tirnity College Z1380 got the 29th place out of 53 in senior division. It extinguished the candle 1 out of 3 times in 16.52 seconds.
Objective for Competition
The objective for Competition was to use shaft encoders, so the robot could calculate distance. And it was programmed to reach each room and check for the candle; if the candle was in the room, it would blow it out and return home. On the other hand, if the candle was not in the room, it would proceed to the next room.