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Welcome to my personal webpage.
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Nima Moshtagh

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       Thank you for visiting my website. I am currently a senior at Penn State University Park. My major is Electrical Engineering. I started my college in fall 1998 at Polytechnic University in Iran. During the year 1999, I was in the process of immigrating to the US and transferring to PSU, so I could not go to school. I went back to college in fall 2000. First, I went to Penn State Abington and then I moved to the main campus (University Park) for fall 2001. Hopefully I can graduate on-time on spring 2003.
       My area of specialization is Computer Vision and Control Systems. My Honor thesis is on Omni-directional cameras and visual tracking and in the future I'll provide the updates about it on my web site.

                         Last Updated: March 2, 2003